Principal’s Message

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Westfield twelfth grade is destined for amazing things in 2019-20. I will be therefore fortunate to lead an educational college with teachers that are passionate and devoted to assisting our students learn and develop. I will be additionally lucky to own such concentrated, accountable and students that are gifted sustained by moms and dads whom look at value in an excellent training. This is certainly demonstrably a combination that is winning permits us to proceed with the course of quality. Quality isn’t the results of an excellent intention or slogan that is clever. It is really not a obscure value that is easily accomplished. It comes from a very good, urgent want to enhance the way we do things once we see something we could fare better. Our company is spending so much time to make sure that Westfield highschool is likely to be seen as a top performing school in academics, athletics, and pupil tasks. It was stated that: “Tentative efforts result in tentative outcomes. Therefore provide your self completely to your endeavors. The studies you encounter will familiarizes you with your talents. Stay steadfast. And another time you may build one thing worthy of the prospective. ” We will not be tentative as we strive for excellence.

That we can be even better this year as we evaluate and celebrate our past success, we also know. We have been working hard to make sure that our pupils have decided for the time after graduation — to be lifestyle Ready. In your health effort, our company is striving to boost the real and wellness that is mental of pupil now and for their future by connecting them with their interests and purpose in life and teaching them to separate your lives their identity from their performance. We shall link students to adults that are caring extra-curriculars, and community participation. My staff and I also are also speaking about the importance of job and university readiness. We genuinely believe that proficiency in a identified collection of abilities- literacy, analytical thinking, interaction, and issue re re re solving among others- are essential for several pupils to be equipped for a single day UPON graduation. We have been striving for several students become PROFESSION prepared. Pupils need certainly to comprehend the good reasons why they have been going to university is always to continue their planning for a vocation. All academic roadways- at WHS as well as the level that is post-secondary result in a vocation. Westfield twelfth grade may be purposeful in developing strategies that are comprehensive bridge the space between training and career/workforce planning. This change in the way we see preparation may be still another layer in ensuring our pupils have actually every benefit required for their success that day UPON graduation.

Westfield senior school is really a great destination to be. I really believe that strong community-school relationships are crucial to high educational, extra-curricular and athletic success. Find any school that is successful you will find parents and community users which are included and supportive associated with the college. This community acknowledges the worthiness of academic, athletic and activities that are extracurricular. Consequently, Westfield highschool expects our pupils to excel both outside and inside for the class. I really hope you might be happy with our pupils because they reflect these objectives through their character, courage, and dedication. Your help is significantly valued and keep in mind — IT’S GREAT TO BE A SHAMROCK!

Year Scheduling for the 2020-2021 School

Scheduling for the 20-21 School 12 months is underway as WHS counselors are starting their specific conferences with people in the junior course.

This training has been doing location for a long time. Counselors can have graduation needs, brand brand new courses, therefore the scheduling procedure to your grade that is different. Students will likely then have approximately fourteen days to help make their program alternatives in Powerschool. Counselors then conduct individual conferences with every pupil in grades 9, 10, and 11 to ensure that all courses are maintaining students consistent with their desired diploma track and generally are the very best courses to organize pupils for just what they wish to do after senior high school.

A brand new element of the program selection in Powerschool lovestruck mobile could be the selection for pupils to determine a projected job path. It has in change offered counselors more understanding to a student’s initial post-secondary plans and certainly will develop an even more discussion that is in-depth program alternatives, job possibilities, and possible universities.

Parents and pupils will find out more about the presentations that are scheduling a number of courses, as well as the WHS 20-21 Course Book, by going to

In February, most likely 9-11 grade students and current 8 th graders are making their program options, the WHS management begins work with the master schedule. This really is a tiresome procedure due to the fact master routine is torn down and rebuilt from scratch every year, within the work to supply that is best the program need of our pupils. Schedules will likely then be distributed in belated when students will have the opportunity to review their schedule and make adjustments and course changes april. All routine modification needs should be submitted to your WHS or WMS guidance center because of the Schedule Change Deadline.

The 19-20 Scheduling Calendar

Junior Class Scheduling Fulfilling: 21 november

On Line Registration Deadline: 2 december

Specific Conferences: 4—11 december

Grade 10 Scheduling Meetings and Occasions

Conferences within the Auditorium during CORE Time

Thursday, January 9 for level 10 students Names that is last A—L

Monday, January 13 for level 10 students Names that is last M—Z

January 20: Deadline for Grade 10 pupils to enter course needs into PowerSchool

22-30: Individual Meetings with Grade 10 Students to discuss course requests and schedules for 2020-2021 january

Level 9 Scheduling Meetings and Occasions

Group Meetings within the Auditorium during CORE Time

Tuesday, January 14 for level 9 Students final Names A—K

Thursday, January 16 for level 9 students Names that is last L—Z

January 29: Deadline for level 9 pupils to enter program demands into PowerSchool

February 3-7: Individual Meetings with Grade 9 pupils to talk about program needs and schedules for 2020-2021

8th level Scheduling for Students and Parents night

Wednesday, January 8 th at 6:30 pm

Westfield Senior High School Auditorium

8 th level Online Registration: January 8—21

8 th level Individual Meetings: 22—February 13 january